Getting Customers So Happy They Cry

It was about 6 years ago when I made a customer cry for the first time and I am proud to say that others have bawled before me many times after I learned how to do it. As the day unfolded and she experienced what we had created, felt the true emotion of the experience, she cried happy, big wet rivers of tears.

Make your customers feel complete joy. How did I do it?

Let me step back a minute and give you the opposite of joy to a semi unrelated event, but it gives you what your employee may feel as you try to pump them up for sales on a product you’re just darn skippy over! I was an floppy haired employee of a distribution company in the mid 1990’s. It was a very famous and successful company and I had a decent opportunity to find a path in sales there and make something of myself even though absolutely hated it. This company distributed cookies and I sold them to stores. I’ll never forget the weekly phone calls we had with grown men talking excitedly about selling cookies. I could care less!

The motivation calls were about our progress on initiatives, “hard numbers” and goals. They were all jabbering about how they were going to do it and what that would mean for the bottom line. I sat there on my end, always quiet, not giving even the smallest damn.

I didn’t have any connection with the distribution company’s product. They were damn delicious, but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about who I was going to sell them to, how big my display was going to be and how many boxes we were going to sell. Because I didn’t have an emotional attachment to the product personally, I couldn’t be an effective sales person. Sure, I could pretend, but when it came down to it, I just didn’t care.

Fast forward years later to my own business and a service product that I cared about deeply and I changed people’s lives with the passion I felt towards them and the service product. That moment where I began to realize that we can create a deep emotional connection with our clients with incredible concerts at my music school was the moment where our fate was sealed: we were embedding a deep connection to our customers and our product.

Because we cared so deeply about the students and the parents, we took steps to really make sure that they had an incredible time and a memory to last a lifetime. We made sure our event featured students in such a caring and embracing way customers became emotionally attached. Addicted almost.

So back to the crying customer. It was a typical concert for me and as producer… I was busy running around trying to do all the jobs that I could because we couldn’t afford many people working at the shows. I remember running down the aisle to the front and my goal was to get to the stage before the next performance started but I was too late. A young girl stepped to the microphone and the music began. I nestled in to the first row and decided to listen because she was one of the better performers at the studio and I was sure to be in for a real old fashioned ear treat.

Enthralled by the music and her voice, I began to get goosebumps. I thought, “I created this opportunity for her to shine. For everyone! This is incredible! What an incredible moment” I kept thinking over and over, “Incredible.”

As I turned to the left, I saw the girl’s mother not too far away from me. She was sitting with a huge smile on her face barely holding the camera steady because of the river of tears flowing down her face. The light from the stage created powerful shadows as they met the dark of the crowd around her but illuminated this loving mother’s face as if on a screen. This powerful moment shook me to my core as I started to well up.

She never saw me witness this moment. Her daughter finished the song to thunderous applause.

Shaking my head and clapping like a crazy person, it was then that I realized that the key to raving fans is finding the portions of your business or one idea, product, event, promotion, design, SOMETHING that can connect deeper. To fulfill their needs.

When you do that, they’ll never leave you. You’ve won their trust because you are a great business person, but more importantly, you won their heart.

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