Heat of the Moment, John Wetton 67

Whenever I think of the song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia, featuring the songwriting and singing skills of recently departed John Wetton who died today at the age of 67, I have to admit that I am transported back to a Queens, NY bar in the 90’s with bottles being hurled over my head as I try to kiss a girl.

This honest moment was brought to you by: beer. Ironically, John’s victory over alcohol abuse is something I recently read about him and as someone who is keenly aware of my own alcohol consumption, I greatly admire him for that.

Years removed, I recently sat down with the music of Asia and as a musician began to truly appreciate the musicianship of their early work. Like a lot of the 80’s music that I grew up with, Heat of the Moment will forever be enshrined with the drippy sound of reverb and style. It will always have the strut and the swagger of an 80’s movie, it will always be an 80’s song. I’ve grown to accept the 80’s and turn it up when I am driving with my kids. (cue: DAD STOP!!!) Even as a departure from progressive music, it’s impressive that they nailed harmony and structure of a solid tune.

As a musician turned successful entrepreneurial business person, the work that we all submit early in life is a testament to who we are currently. I know that I (may) never have the massive commercial success that Mr Wetton in music did but if he is reading this on the big RocknRoll Diner Counter in the sky, I hope he knows his music lives on past the jukeboxes, past the greatest hits cd’s, onto Spotify, XM and beyond.

Immediately upon hearing of his passing, I had that memory of being young and enjoying life… then pushing the thought away because of the dated music. Years removed, I am thankful to have known his music and had it a part of my life.

Growing a business as an artist or business person in part is the same I feel. You have this massive success and it can become dated if we don’t constantly innovate. And that’s something I’ll remember in the heat of the moment here growing my business. Thank you John. Now I have to dive back into King Crimson again.

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