Finding the Path. Your Blueprint: Discovered.

Real Brave Audio

During the past 10 years, for just about every second of my waking day, I have worked towards offering a service that gave children & adults of all ages a second home. A place they can discover. A place we all can pay a small fee but get big, priceless rewards.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing thousands of people walk through our doors, pick up an instrument for the first time and make true progress towards goals. I’ve seen countless amounts of people build lasting relationships with our staff members. I witnessed that lightbulb moment when students “get it” for the first time. I’ve seen tens of thousands of performances and have been brought to tears with the beauty and the pureness.

If the first ten years was about bringing the service to the world and witnessing its birth and emergence, the next ten years is about bringing more service to the communities that surround us. I’ve seen my foundation After School Rocks, our sister non profit that brings free arts education to underserved communities continue to raise money and expand to those that truly need it. I’ve helped launch an in-house software, created by Real Brave, that will enhance a user’s experience at the studio and be the ultimate learning companion for true progress. “Practice Pad®” as we call it, will be launched in first quarter 2017 and has unlimited potential. It’s already being used in class now- the digital tablet version is coming soon!

I believe that making a difference in the world and making money doing it is possible. It’s being in business. It starts with just wanting to help people. This blog will be dedicated to information sharing and self help. I hope it brings you inner peace and most importantly: Help!

Daniel Powers Jr is the founder and Chief Inspirer of Real Brave Inc, After School Rocks & the learning companion Practice Pad. Coaching and business help. Follow at: