7 Ways To Build A Great Culture

Credit: Zappos
Credit: Zappos

Don't have a great culture at work? Let's build one together starting right now. And see Zappos for culture 101

As an employee, I grew in businesses with eye-rolling bosses, unapproachable managers and straight up scary people. I worked in construction, as an law office assistant, in retail, in management and elsewhere. When I made a decision to open my own business I knew I was going to be a great boss because of my background... I was going to do the exact opposite of what people did around me in my various roles year prior. I would create a home outside of a home.

Over the years the culture has evolved quite a bit- but not the "home" portion.

  1. Define your values. When people are reacting in a way that aligns with your beliefs and values, you will find an inner peace at work that is unbreakable. Define yours today and post it. Evangelize.
  2. Get rid of anyone that doesn't fit in to your value set. Hire slowly and fire quickly. Get rid of dead wood or anchors slowing you down.
  3. Learn how to control your emotions. Stay in a peak state always and learn how to stay positive and motivated all day in front of your employees. Study how your state affects others.
  4. Speak to your employees one-on-one & OFTEN. Employee reviews and even simple chatter matter. Know what's going on in your employee's life and coach them. Make sure their trajectory aligns with yours because if it doesn't, you will always have high turnover.
  5. Create in-house activities. A simple dance party at 11AM everyday will kick everything up a notch everyday.
  6. Empower and coach. Today's workforce wants to be involved. They want to matter. They don't have to be involved in the everyday important decisions but opening up discussion about issues or opportunity keeps everyone engaged. Don't be a caged business owner.
  7. Keep the spirit alive. Innovate. Celebrate. Keep your passion alive no matter what the odds of you making payroll next week or whatever stress you may have.