Why A Customer’s Experience Is The Key To Retention

You don’t have to sell a roller coaster ride, right? It kind of sells itself and sticks with you. Especially the, “Oh so this is a ruse, it’s really just a plot to kill people” thought you have before the “ZOOM!”.

In a product-based business, once you get a customer, get the customer to come back. In a service-based business same rule applies. But the magic question is how?

In my experience as a small business owner, here are 3 key concepts to work towards outside of what you probably already do:

1. Problems are opportunities to thrill a customer. We all hate it when we get a complaint but it happens to every business. Even if you are a customer service wiz like Zappos, it’s incredibly difficult to be perfect 99% of the time because of the amount of people you serve. Think of it this way, If 1 person out of 1000 is dissatisfied, that’s only .001% of your base and not a big deal, right? But if .001 percent of people of 20 million people are dissatisfied that’s 20,000 dissatisfied people. As you grow, problems grow. Make problems an opportunity to perfect your craft before you are too big to fix.

2. Never let a customer walk out angry. For the business I started, customer service is the thing that sets us apart and letting others handle customer service after the early days was extremely hard for me. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to pay people to help customers, I found it difficult to find people that understood how to treat people when they are angry! We all can get testy when issues arise, but playing it cool and making sure that the customer’s issue is resolved before they leave is the most important thing.

3. The transaction doesn’t stop after they purchase. A complete experience is important these days. Do you know why? Unless you’ve innovated a product or service to the point where no other business offers it the way you do, you won’t be an original. There’s very little way to offer a unique product or service these days. Offer an experience at your store. If the secret to living is giving, offer whatever else you can to spice up the memory of your transaction. Give more and get more.

Make your business a ride customers will never forget and they’ll wait in line for 4 hours to get back on it again.

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